Coronavirus cleaners for decontaminating COVID-19

CDC understands viral outbreaks happen quickly and as currently seen coronavirus is astounding at its ability to spread, therefore speed is everything when dealing with it.

New analysis by researchers at the Scripps research institute in US, UK and Australia discovered that the virus has proven so infectious because it developed a near-perfect mechanism to bind to human cells.

One of the most effective parts of the virus are its spike proteins, molecules on the outside of the virus which it uses to grab hold of and then penetrate the outer walls of human cells.

CDC are trained and efficient at decontamination and supplying the highest levels of cleaning to break down and remove this virus to maximise your safety and that of your staff at all times.

Two types of cleaning are essential to keep your business safe:
1.) Daily detailed cleaning of traces in the workplace, to significantly reduce the risk of cross infection and instil peace of mind in the workplace.
“usual or general cleaning” is not enough! CDC uses hospital grade disinfectant to wipe in detail all surfaces to ensure that transmission from one colleague to another is significantly reduced! Our staff are trained to know and understand the detail required in cleaning surfaces that can cause cross contamination.

2.) The second is a deep clean and decontamination of any area, if someone has tested positive or had to self-isolate.
Our trained staff have the knowledge and equipment to contain and remove the virus efficiently and quickly!
Allowing your business to return to normality as quickly as possible with safety ensured for your remaining staff.

So, from offices to shops, residential communal areas to private residences.
CDC’s cleaning is the key to your solution.

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