Calling all doctors or chemists in london

CDC built its reputation on teamwork and looking after one another!

Its these times that brings us together and unites us in the desire to help each other
What you and your teams are doing to help us is amazing and admirable beyond words!!

Sadly, we can not offer to clean every doctors and chemist in London for free, we only wish we could! But we have decided to take no profit from any jobs we get to clean any premises for coronavirus and use that profit to clean as many doctors surgeries and chemists for free as business allows!

Please, please if you are a doctors surgery or chemist in London, providing such an amazing service! Then let us be part of your team and contact us, you have our word that we will do everything possible to clean your premises for free.

May god bless everyone of you for what you do and keep you and your families safe.

Call us now on:

0207 101 4477

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