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Are you tired of ringing agencies and finding they don’t have the staff available?
Then it’s time to try out London’s best kept secret – CDC Hospitality.

Many of our competitors charge high agency fees and pay minimum wage, to ensure their profitability is kept high.
At CDC Hospitality, we charge the same agency rates as many of our competitors, but pay much higher wages to our staff.

This makes all the difference. To attract the best people to do the best job, we pay every employee a living wage, not a minimum wage. Which in turn ensures our staff are the best to be found in the London market.

We put the emphasis on team work and quality, and firmly believe that CDC Hospitality is the right choice for hotel groups to use as part of our agency team.
We specialise in providing London’s finest housekeeping staff. This ensures that we have the top tier of cleaners in London, with only a 2% turnaround of staff per annum. This exceptionally low turn around ensures that almost all members of staff stay with us throughout and bring great consistency to our services.

 The results of this ensures that we can provide you with top agency staff that are reliable and dependable.

We appreciate that training staff can be costly and we are the only agency that guarantees to refund your training costs, if a member of staff leaves within three months. (*subject to terms and conditions)

We are a company that aspires to show that respect and care of our employees is and always will be the key to achieving the highest standards in all areas.

We are always on call 24 hours a day and should any issues arise we guarantee a 24-hour response. If any of your personnel call in sick at the beginning of the day or someone does not turn up to work, call us and we will cover it as soon as possible to ensure little to no disruption to your working day.

So why make 5 calls to Agency companies? When just one phone call to CDC Hospitality takes care of all your agency needs!


CDC Hospitality is the key to your solution!

Why waste 2 hours calling other agencies when you could call us once and clock off early for the day?

Save your valuable time and money when searching for the best possible agency staff for your business.
Contact CDC Hospitality today and experience the difference we can make

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